Trip to the UK

Flight details

Laura and the kids

Depart Toronto: April 05th
Arrive London: April 06th

Depart London: June 26th
Arrive Toronto: June 26th


Depart Toronto: 07th
Arrive London: 08th

Depart London: 24th
Arrive Toronto: 24th


La Croix du Vieux Pont Campsite
Berny-Rivière, Paris

Saturday, May 09th to Saturday, May 16th

Schedule for Adam’s visit
Friday, May 08th – Arrive in London AM, travel to Worthing to visit Grandad
Saturday, May 09th – Travel from Worthing to the Campsite
Sunday, May 10th –
Monday, May 11th – Visit Paris/Disneyland
Tuesday, May 12th –
Wednesday, May 13th – Visit Paris/Disneyland
Thursday, May 14th –
Friday, May 15th –
Saturday, May 16th – Travel from Paris to Paignton
Sunday, May 17th –
Monday, May 18th –
Tuesday, May 19th –
Wednesday, May 20th –
Thursday, May 21st –
Friday, May 22nd –
Saturday, May 23rd –
Sunday, May 24th – Flight back to Toronto PM